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This has made our daily commutes feel like a source of frustration. We felt it was time to create a better, more responsible way to travel—without making any concessions whatsoever. Motto was created out of a belief that we can live and move about our cities differently. It’s simply up to each and every one of us to liberate ourselves from the status quo and embrace a new sense of freedom in our daily lives.

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Our mission is to set you free

Motto was created with the belief that you should be able to move about however you want—and we've designed an experience that lets you take charge of your daily journeys.

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Our secret sauce

A one-of-a-kind combination of powerful, yet stylish e-bikes, worry free perks, and stellar customer service.

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Sustainable mobility

Motto was created to not only address our riders’ needs but also to make the planet a better place. We’re pushing the boundaries of urban mobility with the environment in mind.

A new lifestyle

To design an exceptional cycling experience, we've focused on selecting the best bikes available. From compact models perfect for city commuting to spacious family bikes or lightweight urban bikes for outdoor escapades. Our aim is to make the transition to electric mobility as easy and accessible as possible.

The Motto team


Our team is growing fast. We’re always on the lookout for dynamic, ambitious, motivated, and sustainability-minded talent who are eager to help us transform urban mobility for the better.

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Monday to Friday: 9am to 7pm

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